Giving fake Tiffany, bought from the trunk of a Cadillac, to Rachel Cohen for her Bat Mitzvah. Microwaving lavash and string cheese for an after school snack. Tending to a mustache and beard since 5th grade. Going to the AC Tropicana for weekend “getaways”. Eating manti straight from the freezer. Watching Cher in Moonstruck every night before I go to bed. Drinking milk from a martini glass. Having off school for Vartanantz day. This is my DNA. Coming from diasporic backgrounds and growing up in the restaurant industry, I know what it is to be a dreamer. Displaced communities have no choice but to create a blended being of who they were and who they will be. Although it can take generations to recover from the colonizing and bloodshed that peoples survived through, when close to healing, a vibrant fruit of new and old can begin to bloom. I believe that authentic specificity is universal and having a non hierarchical approach to research is key. Funeral homes, flower shops, limo rentals, butcher shops, these are places I glean from to inform my practice. I want to collaborate and highlight peoples stories, recipes, traditions, spaces, and customs all through making.


Gabrielle Constantine is an artist living and working in Philadelphia. She holds a double BFA from Tyler School of Art in Sculpture and Fibers + Material Studies. Having grown up in an Armenian community, Constantine draws from displaced communities reestablishing culture in America. Outside of her studio practice, Constantine works in the restaurant industry. She is passionate about the growing restaurant scene in Philadelphia and is constantly brainstorming ways to overlap food and art.

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