In 2017 I started a job as a butcher at La Divisa Meats in Reading Terminal Market. Throughout the market were creative individuals that worked in food service and also various artistic realms. That is where I met the collaborators behind Supper Club. Robb Lim is the creator of a street wear brand, Modest. One day he approached me discussing the idea about highlighting businesses within the market through these events called Supper Club. I was put in charge of making art work for these events and decorating spaces in order to have a cohesive vision. A special addition Modest t-shirt would be made for each Supper Club and product from each business highlighted would be served. We wanted to make an experience where food, fashion and art were all overlapping while promoting the importance of supporting these local businesses. A portion of  proceeds from any art or clothing sales would  be donated to Chosen 300 a local organization feeding the homeless in Philadelphia. 

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